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Entrepreneurs and leaders often face challenges that hinder growth and success. Discover how this personal and professional coaching can help you overcome these barriers.

Who is our coaching for and when are you welcome?

You have a high commitment to setting and achieving (measurable) goals.

You want to create impact through concrete action points.

You are willing to break unworkable patterns and reflect on your own behavior.

You truly want to play the game to win ("going for gold").

Every trajectory is tailor-made

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Business Coaching & Scaling up

If you want to scale up your business and commit to achieving measurable results, you are more than welcome. Where necessary, we break unproductive patterns that hinder your or your company's growth. We also look at the composition of your team in relation to the growth of your company. You know that with the right guidance, you can avoid costly pitfalls. We are your 'trusted advisor'. Because experience shows that in your role, you usually don't have many people you can confidentially bounce ideas off of.
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Business and scaling up coaching is specifically designed for entrepreneurs and leaders who:

Lead or want to develop a rapidly growing company
Want to learn which growth phase they are in and what the priorities are
Are tired of constantly 'putting out fires'
Want to apply the proven scaling up method
Want to get the most out of their employees
Want to delegate better and reduce operational tasks
Are willing to break unproductive patterns
Want to test the feasibility of their vision and ideas

Leadership & Executive Coaching

This coaching is specifically for executives who want to increase their impact. We focus on leadership skills, personal growth, and strategic decision-making to strengthen your influence within and outside the organization.
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Executive & Leadership Coaching at Dudok Consulting is intended for leaders who:

Want to quickly strengthen their leadership skills
Want to strengthen team responsibility
Strive for excellent team results
Want to detach themselves from operational tasks
Want to increase their influence
Seek more self-awareness and understanding of their motivations
Transition to self-managing teams
Want to stop obstructive, inhibiting beliefs

Team Coaching

Focused on creating well-functioning teams. We work on effective communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution to improve overall team dynamics and productivity.
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Team development is focused on:

Teams striving for further growth and improvement
Improving team communication
Understanding team talents and pitfalls
Composition of complementary teams
Resolving team conflicts
Increasing inspiration and motivation within the team
Strengthening mutual trust and connection
Long-term success and sustainability of the team

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What do our clients say?

Gwen has provided excellent advice in various areas and has practically helped us move forward, both in developing our organization to maturity and in recruiting new people for TriOpSys. What stands out about her is her directness. Without any hesitation, I can recommend her to anyone, whether it's coaching, assessment, or any other collaboration with her."
Rob Timman
An idea became a plan. And a plan became a business. Gwen takes your strengths as a starting point and works with you to determine the best way to utilize them. She mirrors directly what she hears and sees. She confronts and encourages reflection. With her personal and involved approach, she creates a safe environment. She does all of this with a lot of passion and energy.
Jorin Dijkstra MBA
The open and clear manner in which you enter the conversation exudes absolute professionalism! Because of this demeanor, as a "guest" at your office, you have a convincing feeling that you are conversing with someone who simply understands people and their business, and that's what it's all about. Class!!
Tom Van Der Poll

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