Gwen Dudok van Heel is the founder of Dudok Consulting (2000). She collaborates with her clients in an inspiring and results-oriented manner. She exclusively works with clients who have a high commitment.

Her clients can quickly expand their team with the right people, leaders are self-aware and know how to motivate their team, guiding them to success faster. These golden leaders achieve their golden goals.

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Gwen has experienced firsthand various roles that have shaped her. She served as the Managing Director of an ICT consultancy company, General Manager of an American conference organization, and Partner at an Executive Search firm. Additionally, she coached several Dutch sailing teams as a national coach for many years.

She is an international NLP trainer and has extensively studied (leadership) behavior and organizational development internationally. She has worked closely with Anthony Robbins for years. Furthermore, she has been trained by Richard Bandler, Blair Singer, T. Harv Eker, and Robert Kyosaki. She is one of the first internationally trained Time Line Specialists in the Netherlands. These powerful techniques are a unique and unparalleled method for rapidly effecting lasting changes in (unwanted) behavioral patterns. In addition to all her knowledge and experience, she believes that better leaders contribute to a better workplace culture, leading to faster results. She is also trained as a commissioner and supervisor.

Sad events in her life have also shaped her. Therefore, she is conscious of the fact that life should be lived, that we can derive a lot from it, and that we should be grateful for it.

Ontdek Dudok Formule
Gwen is a highly sought-after keynote speaker at a wide range of events.
Gwen is a former competitive sailor and coach, guiding athletes to gold.
Gwen is a former participant of Alpe duZes and climbed Alpe d'Huez several times in one day.
Gwen is a member and former president of Rotary Club Doorn.
Gwen is an honorary member of the Watersportverbond (Dutch Watersports Association).
Gwen is a cyclist, mountain biker, golfer, and practices fitness and yoga.

Dudok Formula for Results

What is the formula that consistently leads to success with all clients?
The combination of focusing on the desired result and eliminating patterns that stand in the way of achieving that result.
Working exclusively with clients who commit to achieving the set goals and who want to make an impact.
In-depth international knowledge and years of experience in behavior, leadership, and entrepreneurship.
Years of experience as a national coach (sailing sport) contribute to always striving for achieving gold, the highest level.

Mini Masterclass

How to achieve results faster
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