Grow to Gold!

Grow to Gold!

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Leaders with impact
Dudok Consulting helps executives and entrepreneurs of rapidly growing organizations achieve faster and better results with the right people.


One-on-one customized coaching sessions, team coaching and building with clear outcomes for the growth of your organization, your team(s), and yourself.
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Online assessments providing insights into the unique talents and personalities within your organization, enabling you to effectively assemble and lead teams.
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Management books delivering practical tools and insights for optimizing your organization, strengthening teams, and achieving business goals.
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Intake interview

Schedule an appointment NOW for an inspiring and result-oriented introduction.

Action plan

We will create an action plan.


Implementation of an action plan towards goals set by us.

Dudok Consulting assists leaders and entrepreneurs of rapidly growing organizations in achieving faster and more impactful results with the right people.

Dudok Consulting guides organizations and teams to their highest level: GOLD. Think of it like the Olympics. This means that at Dudok Consulting, it's always about achieving the maximum possible result.

I believe that by strengthening leadership within organizations, results can be achieved faster, and there is more room for innovation.
More about Gwen

These are questions I often receive:

What steps are needed now to scale up?
My team is not performing well.
How do I delegate more and better, so I can focus more on strategy?
I struggle with assembling a winning team.
I am an entrepreneur and want to strengthen my leadership.
I don't know what is needed to move to the next business phase.
I want more insight into the strengths and weaknesses of employees.
I'm looking for a better work-life balance and lack energy.

What does it cost you if you take no action?

"If only we had teamed up earlier."

That's what I often hear. Unfortunately.

You want to focus on growth and strategy.
For that, you need to have your organization, your team(s), and yourself well organized.
You realize that too many mistakes are being made.
Too much ad hoc work is being done.
You're losing control over the administrative processes.
Lack of focus, both in business and privately.
Persistent feelings of uncertainty and frustration.
Challenges in stabilizing business success.

What do our clients say?

Gwen has provided excellent advice in various areas and has practically helped us move forward, both in developing our organization to maturity and in recruiting new people for TriOpSys. What stands out about her is her directness. Without any hesitation, I can recommend her to anyone, whether it's coaching, assessment, or any other collaboration with her."
Rob Timman
An idea became a plan. And a plan became a business. Gwen takes your strengths as a starting point and works with you to determine the best way to utilize them. She mirrors directly what she hears and sees. She confronts and encourages reflection. With her personal and involved approach, she creates a safe environment. She does all of this with a lot of passion and energy.
Jorin Dijkstra MBA
The open and clear manner in which you enter the conversation exudes absolute professionalism! Because of this demeanor, as a "guest" at your office, you have a convincing feeling that you are conversing with someone who simply understands people and their business, and that's what it's all about. Class!!
Tom Van Der Poll

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