10 Steps to Business Growth

“Where is your book about?” someone asked me recently. I explained that the book addresses the steps and focal points necessary to establish a solid foundation for further growth of your business. I wrote the book for entrepreneurs and leaders who are leading a growing company.

Let me show you those 10 steps:

  1. Step 1. Start with the most important: you
  2. Step 2. Take up your leadership
  3. Step 3. Formulate a powerful strategy
  4. Step 4. Organize your organization
  5. Step 5. Create your golden team
  6. Step 6. Establish a culture that stands like a house
  7. Step 7. Recruit A-players
  8. Step 8. Set clear priorities. Maintain focus and rhythm
  9. Step 9. Avoid these costly pitfalls
  10. Step 10. Growth and grip accelerators

Book Review on the Radio

I was recently surprised by a book review on the radio about my second book.
You can listen to the book review here.


Order the book here (€ 17.50) and I will cover your shipping costs! If you’d like, I can also sign the book for you.

An accessible management book with many practical examples that make you think! In addition, it also offers hands-on solutions to tackle issues with the insights gained and the supporting references. Gerrit Noordermeer, General Director Building Services

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